How Did Get My Information?

We license business information from third-party data providers who gather this type of data from public records and other sources. Our database of company information on over 18 million US businesses is combined from a number of public and private data sources. Sources include public company financials, government records (such as Secretary of State filings, public disclosures, judgements, and settlements), as well as direct contact with representatives of a business (such as the owner or manager).

This data may be incorrect on other websites and databases as well. has no control over updating third party websites, databases, or search engines. We do not control when Google or other search engines remove or update information in their searches.

We respect your privacy and our overall goal is to provide the most accurate information on your business to ultimately help promote your online presence. Some pieces of information may be sensitive and by Claiming your Business and updating it, you can reflect what you want the world to know.

* We encourage you to review Google Search Terms for information on how your profile shows up on search. 

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