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Edit information:

Having your business on Credibility.com is a great way to demonstrate your credibility and reputation to business partners and potential customers. Updating your profile information is free when you claim a business profile. If there is outdated or incorrect information in your profile, the easiest way to update that is to:

  1. Search for your business on Credibility.com
  2. Click the claim button on your business profile
  3. Complete the claim process
  4. Once you have confirmed your business, you will be able to update the information on your profile

If you would still like to hide your profile:

Please submit a request with a link to your business profile and short reason for wanting to remove/hide your profile.


Note: Some businesses may not be removed from Credibility.com. Consumers have the right to talk about who they do not work with. Unless the address is a home or residence, we don’t generally remove business listings. Claiming your profile and engaging with your customers is the best way to maintain your reviews and reputation. If your business is closed, Claiming it gives you the ability to mark it as permanently closed.

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